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Forget the Needle! We offer needle-free pain relief for many dental procedures!

Oraqix® is a needle-free anesthetic that is administered topically and below the gum line. Oraqix® is effective and efficient for many dental procedures and offers our patients a needle-free alternative to traditional anesthetics.

We may recommend this alternative anesthesia for several reasons, including:
  • A needle-free option has been found to be overwhelmingly preferred over traditional anesthetics. In clinical studies, 70% of patients preferred Oraqix® to a needle injection.
  • Numbing occurs quickly, usually within 30 seconds.
  • The sensation of numbness usually lasts about 20 minutes. So, normal sensation is typically returned by the time your appointment is completed!
  • Oraqix® is site specific which allows the doctor to selectively numb specific areas of the mouth.

How it Works


1. Oraqix® is first applied to
the gums around the area
receiving treatment. The gel
is applied using a blunt-
tipped applicator.

    2. After waiting 30 seconds,
the pockets around the teeth
are filled with Oraqix®. 


3. After waiting an
additional 30 seconds,
treatment can begin.
Delaying treatment does
not enhance the anesthetic
    4. The scaling and root
planing procedure, or
alternative procedure, can
then be completed.